Residential, Office, and Condo/Vacation Home cleaning services are offered on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and even a one time basis. We are confident in our abilities to make sure the job gets done in a timely and proficient manner. 

Basic Cleaning Package

Whether you need a weekly cleaning, a once every few months or anything in between, we can get the job done!


Whats Included:

  • ​Kitchen: Sanitize top of counters and under all small appliances. Sanitize sink and faucet, clean and polish stainless steel. Clean all back splashes, and spot clean exterior cabinets. Clean outside of all larger appliances. Wipe down all tables and chairs. Sweep, mop, and trash removal.

  • Bathrooms: Clean all mirrors and glass doors. Sanitize counter tops, sinks, tubs, showers and toilets. Sweep, mop, and trash removal.

  • Bedrooms and Living Spaces: Vacuum/Sweep/Mop all floors. Dust hanging pictures, light fixtures. Dust decorative items that are within reach. Clean inside windows. Clean off all tables. Make the beds and arrange pillows. Change bed linens if left out ( Linen rentals available) . Remove all trash.

  • Patios/Balcony/Deck: Swept off and straightened. 

Deep Cleanings

Deep Cleaning include all the basic cleaning plus:

  • Wipe down all baseboards.

  • Clean outside cabinets.

  • Clean inside couch cushions.

  • Clean under furniture (couches, beds, tables) 

  • Clean inside window seals.

  • Clean all ceiling fans.

Office Cleaning

Need your office cleaned? We can HELP!

  • All office equipment is dusted and wiped down. 

  • Top of desks wiped down and sanitized.

  • All bathrooms are sanitized.

  • Sweep/Mop/Vacuum

  • Clean and Sanitize break room.

  • Trash Removal

New Construction Clean Up

  • Sweep/Mop/Vacuum All Flooring

  • Dust All Surfaces 

  • Sanitize Kitchens And Bathrooms

  • Cleaning Of Inside & Outside Off All Cabinetry & Appliances.

  • Clean All Utility Closets, Furnace Closets, Storage Area's, Garages

  • Cleaning Of All Interior Window's, Sliding Glass Doors, Sills & Tracks.

  • Sticker and Tape removal

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Vacation Homes/Rentals: Will receive guest toiletries along with toilet paper and paper towels and dish soap. Special items are available select for more info: 

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